Day 2

Day 2 starts with needing to move the base into its position and get it sitting level, but before this could happen we spent a couple of hours fixing the fence so we could easily remove it and put it back in place.

Next up was to create the risers to keep it off the floor to prevent rot – A few weeks prior to this, my brother from another mother Dave, had taken the levels of the ground for me and at its lowest point the ground is -175mm down so we cut 4 risers at their respective height and gave them a lick of Crecote.

Now, 2 men moving this heavy base into position required some Egyptian Methodology (broom handles), a couple of car jacks, a pick and a crowbar.

We tied string to the broom handles so we could easily retrieve them, slid them under the base and used the pick and crowbar to lever it into position:

once we had it far enough back, we pulled out the handles and repeated the process to shift it sideways.

Next, using the jacks we raised up the base and inserted the risers we made earlier, everything looked tidy and we got a spot on level base:

next up we cut 3 more risers that ran the width of the base to support it in the middle – we did this by measuring each side and cutting the appropriate angle, coated these in creocote and left them overnight.

we finished off Saturday by cutting some of the wood to start building the walls in the morning (thought we would give the neighbors a break from the sound of the chop on Sunday morning )


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