shed seven

Spent the first half of today sanding down the plasterboard joins and getting everything ready for paint:


I also put down the loft flooring  – i had a few packs left over and bought a couple more, these have really strengthened the floor, the 2 layers of 11mm OSB had too much flex.

and that’s how its looking with it’s first full coat of paint on.


Last week we also got the door on the storage area and managed to fill it full of crap in less than an hour.


Dad did an awesome job with the wiring, you can see the fuse box on the wall at the back, that all runs outside, along the fence and into the cabinet on the side of the house.

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  1. Mark Palmer says:


    Great shed, would love to do something similar but I think I’ll be customising a bought shed.

    When you put down the loft flooring did you glue and/or screw the panels together or to the floor? Also did you leave an expansion gap, although I wouldn’t have thought the chipboard would expand.

    Thanks, Mark

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