Green is the colour

Today was all about painting, fitting coving, laying the laminate floor and Shaun making me laugh with tales of South Africa.



2 Comments on "Green is the colour"

  1. Dano says:

    Nice work, great office space, im sure you could get more stuff in the shed bit though. only questions i have are, why did you opt for OSB and PB on the walls? where did you get the door from as it looks like a very good DIY flat-pack.

    • Neil says:

      Hey Dan, cheers for that, i have a lot more crap to squeeze in there! I guess you mean why not just go plasterboard and forget the OSB – that was just the way I read most people generally do it, I don’t think you get any insulation value from it – just good fixings when your putting up shelves!

      Side door was from wickes, Bargain at £50.00, patio door was from Screwfix – although i have seen it £20.00 cheaper here:

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